Damascus Road Coffeehouse

Spreading the message
of Jesus Christ through
live Christian music.

Welcome to the Damascus Road Coffeehouse website.   We invite you to join us the first Friday of each month for a relaxing night out.  Music will begin at 7:30 PM and usually ends about 9:30 PM.  All refreshments are free.   We hope that you will find our coffeehouse to be a peaceful and pleasant place to spend your Friday evening after a long week.

A comfortable place where you can enjoy live Christian music performed by local New England artists.  In my life, Christian music opened my eyes and my heart to the message of the gospel, and life changing love of Jesus.  It saved my life.  I truly believe there is no better way to reach people searching for the truth.

Through this forum the artists will share testimonies and messages that may help people to walk in, or search for a relationship with Jesus.  In this environment Christians can be uplifted and encouraged and those still searching can have a safe, comfortable place to learn more about the free gift of salvation made available to all, by the incredible sacrifice of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ.